rambling of a wife and mother

rambling of a wife and mother

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The lovely Estinal has generously shared and translated some of the important parts in Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends to HYRK. ^^x Some scenes didn’t make it to the movie but were included in the official live action movie novelization. For details, you can read HYRK’s review and recap of Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends.

Thank you so much, Estinal! We’re excited for the next installments (that is, if you’re still up for it!). ^^x

We got a major feels attack after reading the first translated scene thus, the corresponding photoset. Please don’t repost these translations to other websites without permission and proper credit. Spoilers under the cut. Enjoy! ^^x

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"This man with a gentle smile may, at any time, disappear from her.

However, now, Kenshin had asked her to wait for him.

No matter how far he ventures, no matter what perils he puts himself through, he will not disappear. He will, without fail, return to her side. Therefore, she only had to do one thing.


She just needs to believe in his definite return and wait for him, no matter how far he goes and no matter what dangers he puts himself through.”

Ahhh Kaoru… ikaw na ang peg ko…

Translation by Estinal

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